The POWER of a goal!

Well, the Olympics for 2008 just finished last night. And what an couple of weeks. There were quite a number of records broken and some unbelievable performances by more than a few of the athletes. And a lot of them didn’t just show up to Beijing with hopes of winning a medal; they planned and worked for years to get to that point. Which brings me to the points of GOALS!  We’ve all heard about them, read about them and even listened as speaker after speaker drilled into us the important of setting goals. But have you really taken advantage of that power? Not just once a year like in a New Years resolution. But every single week….every single day listing, adjusting and striving towards an area that you think will bring you fulfillment and peace. Now peace may be a little far stretching; because those of you who work your goals regularly, know that reaching them is only a small segment of the process.

Most of the work is in the journey. And once you’ve accomplished a goal, you see farther and higher to new goals; so you see what I mean by the ‘peace’ part. For the Olympics, many of these athletes trained for 4 years to reach this point. Many trained longer because they were probably close to making an Olympic team 4 years ago or did make it but wanted to do better. And during this time they had many goals. Some involved how many hours a day they were going to work on their sport. Some involved how many ‘competitive’ events they would be participating in to get them ready for Olympic competition. And many of them won big races and events leading up to the Olympics; but they didn’t mean anything to them as their eyes were set on Beijing and winning an Olympic medal. So you can see what might have to take place in your life to get to ‘your’ GOLD medal. Maybe some sacrifice. Maybe some hard work. Maybe some competitive challenges to see where you stand in relation to others. Bottom line is….you need to set goals so you have something to strive for. So take the time today and at least start. Start with what needs to be done today. Then look ahead for the week, month and year. Then taking your ‘reality’ into mind, add your dreams and wishes. Put them into some sort of goal for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years down the road. If you don’t make a note of it, it will fall by the wayside as everyday tasks and challenges come forth. Look at them daily or at the least, weekly. Let them soak into your mind. Visualize completing each of these goals and the feelings that will be associated with that. Adjust your goals as you complete them and as obstacles come before you. We were meant to have everything we can dream of. So dream big!